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A brief break from cold weather…

on March 31, 2013

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

Glad to see some warmer weather for a couple of days. This has been the coldest March I can remember and it was so nice to have temps in the 60’s yesterday and today.
Hopefully, April will bring nicer weather better opportunities for me to continue cleaning out the clutter and paying off the debt. Each day is a struggle, but I’m focused and determined to keep plugging away.

I realized after looking at my spending for the month of March that I am spending entirely too much on groceries, as this was my largest expense for the month (minus the mortgage and the double / triple payments towards the college and car loans). My goal for April is to focus on bringing the grocery expenses down.

I think one of the things that is hurting me is frequent / unplanned / unthought-of trips to Costco. While it is worthwhile to purchase a few items there, I tend to get drawn in and bewitched by the needless items I stumble across there. Also, due to poor planning on my part, I’ve had to make 2 – 3 trips there this month after forgetting certain items on the list.

My focus regarding spending in April is to limit myself to only 1 trip to Costco this month, only purchasing items on the list and not deviating from that. The rest of the grocery shopping will be done at the local grocery store, where I typically do well with sticking to the list and buying only the “needs” versus the “wants”.
Limiting myself to Costco only once a month will also help reduce the amount I’m spending on gas. Trips to the big city to shop around aimlessly in Costco are a gas guzzler and pointless.

After all – all of that money could be going towards debt payoff!

If you are at all interested in saving some cash or working to pay off debt, I definitely recommend that you list everything that you are spending each month – even the little things like buying a pack of gum at the gas station or purchasing a sub for lunch. It all adds up and it has truly been an eye-opener for me.

As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!

– Julia


2 responses to “A brief break from cold weather…

  1. It’s been a crazy March, hasn’t it? Hopefully the snow will melt by the end of April! We’re doing less than stellar on the budget, as well. I think the cold weather just makes me want to eat more comfort food!

    • Well, luckily I don’t have snow-like weather here….but it’s been much too cold for my liking. I think that is right about eating more comfort food during the cold weather….although, I’m not sure I can use only that as my excuse. I will do better – I know I can. I just finished loading the car up for another trip to goodwill tomorrow morning – It’s like a huge sigh of relief! 🙂

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