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Crazy weather and struggles with the minimalist journey

on May 4, 2013

Wow – what a busy week! I attended a career fair for my company at Fort Drum in NY, close to the Canadian border. Believe it or not – it was warmer near the Canadian border than it is in NC. What’s the deal with the weather? Seems more like global cooling than global warming.

The Florida Keys are sounding better as each cold minute passes by. 
Would you believe that it’s pretty difficult scheduling a sailing course / sailing charter a month in advance? I’ve tried every company I can find online in the Keys over the past few weeks and same answer – they are all booked.  
As many of you know, my goal is to eventually be on a sailboat somewhere in the islands, much like my blogging pal, Captain Fritter at  I was hoping to be able to schedule ASA lessons for my vacation next month, but so far it looks like that may be a long shot. Well – maybe next time around.
Until then, I still stay on target for the goal.  
As my friend Tammy at says, good grief Charlie Brown! 
This minimalism thing is starting to get tough now – I’m starting to get to things that are tough to part with. The past couple of weeks I have not donated as many things as I had hoped. I guess everyone goes through this at some point and when it gets to this point, I think my best bet is to take my time and do what feels right. I am not giving up, just taking it a littler slower.
To all the others out there who started a minimalist lifestyle, what was the most difficult part of the journey for you?

13 responses to “Crazy weather and struggles with the minimalist journey

  1. Valerie says:

    I’m not entirely sure what you mean by minimalist (I’m sure everyone looks at it a little bit differently 😉 ) but I am very conscious of what I buy, and we have quite a simple lifestyle. When I was first changing over to this way of living, though, my most challenging action was going through my holiday decorations and my childhood keepsakes. I wanted to bring it down to a small number of things for each, and it took me a few different times of going through things before I was emotionally ready to part with most of it. Here’s a post you might like about minimizing: It’s part of a series of four posts on having “Too Much Stuff”. 😀

    • Thanks Valerie! My minimalist journey is to get my possessions and debt to a minimum in order to be able to eventually reach my goal. This would be moving onto a 30 ft sailboat – 30 ft of living space means I need to figure out what to do with everything I’ve accumulated the past 30 years. It feels like I’ve done pretty well so far, but recently I’ve started getting into the tough things – gifts, things that bring back memories, etc. I love your blog and the way you outline the questions to ask and the different options – it’s so helpful and motivating to see others trying to do something similar! Thanks so much for sharing!

      • Valerie says:

        WOW! 30 feet…are you actually going to be living on the water, then? (Sorry if that’s a dumb question 😉 ) Lake, ocean, pond? 😉

      • Not a dumb question at all! 🙂 Ocean – somewhere in the islands – Florida Keys and Bahamas perhaps. I guess I will see where the wind takes me once I get there.

  2. Thing that trigger memories a very hard to part with but the really important thing is the memory, not the object. Have you considered making a small scrapbook, photographing the object, then writing down the memory it triggers? It’s time consuming but it takes up a lot less space and it’s kind of nice to have everything in one place. I also posted my strategies for letting go of stuff in my Project 333 posts if you’re looking for some guidelines!

    • Thanks so much – I will check that post out. I actually have started looking into services like cloud online for photos – I need to get something set up and start moving forward again. As always, I’m open to any and all suggestions and I have learned so much from other bloggers. Looking forward to reading your post. Thanks!

      • needforless says:

        Taking pictures of your memorable items really does help. I’ve done this myself, and really felt much better about releasing the actual items afterwards. But even now, after time has passed, I realize that I probably wouldn’t even miss some of the photos if I, for some reason, lost them. Funny how this thing works, isn’t it?

        Also, I’m SO diggin’ the whole living-on-a-sailboat thing. You’ve inspired me to consider living a more unconventional life. Now, I shall mull it over to see what my true goal/desire/end-result is.


      • I know this same thing will happen to me as well once I take the pictures and donate the actual items – but just getting to that point is tough with some items. 😦

        Of course you are diggin’ the liveaboard idea – Haha – see now….it wouldn’t even matter if I was only going to be docked all the time, not even really going anywhere – people would still think it was cool / different to live on a sailboat! 🙂 My ultimate goal is to sale across the Atlantic – now THAT would make for some interesting blog posts!

  3. just lynne says:

    Cloud is a life saver. TB are small and portable.Saving your pictures to them. Both are great ideas.

    Living on a boat sounds so nice, I wish I could do it myself.

  4. Stormy says:

    Take your time, it took me years to par down. Florida sounds like a dream, I would give anything to be somewhere warm 🙂

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