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It’s not about NOT having NICE things!

on May 12, 2013

“I like having nice things” and “Why would ANYONE want to live like THAT?”

That is the response I received from my family regarding living with less.  The problem is what it always has been – different ways of life or beliefs are considered strange and somewhat stupid to my family.  They are going to have a difficult time comprehending and trying to understand the path I’m on towards living with less. 

It’s not about NOT having NICE things though – that’s not what it’s about AT ALL!  It’s about wanting to live with nice things, but with ENOUGH nice things.  When I look at my house compared to my family’s house, I can see a big difference.  The amount of items…there are many bare corners and areas in my house.  Not so in my family’s house.  You will find at least one item in every corner – not a bare space to found.  Don’t misunderstand – they are not hoarders – far from it.  They just enjoy having many nice things to occupy each spot in their home.  There is nothing wrong with this – I’m very glad they are able to have these things because it is what makes them happy.  And that’s all we are all after in life, right?  Happiness.  Only – the same things that make them happy do not necessarily make me happy.  Therefore, I’m going to always be different in their eyes and this is ok with me.  I just would like to avoid the condescending looks and the tone of voice that says “you’re crazy”. 

Then again – I guess I am a little crazy.  Jimmy Buffett does say that “If we weren’t all crazy, we would go insane”.  Better to be a little crazy than insane I suppose!  Jimmy knows best!

On another note, this weekend I spent time with my mother for Mother’s Day.  I ended up spending a little more in the budget than planned, but it was worth it because I think she really had a good time.  I took her to the movie theater last night and we watched The Great Gatsby.  The movie was actually pretty good and I now want to read the book again.  My mom seemed to enjoy the movie too. 

Today, I gave Mom a plant (trailing petunias and some other mixed flowers in the plant) as well as a gift card to purchase a couple of books on her Kindle.  Then I took Mom and Dad out to eat lunch at one of their favorite restaurants before I headed back home with Lucky Dog.  All in all, the Mother’s Day weekend ended well, minus this horrible child who wants to live with less…imagine that!

Tomorrow starts off another week…I hope you all have a great one!  Thanks so much for visiting!

–          Julia (the crazy person who wants to live with LESS)



7 responses to “It’s not about NOT having NICE things!

  1. I’ve found that the people who get defensive or condescending are the ones who really doubt their way of life. Many of the people I know, who initially reacted in that way, are now beginning to live minimalistically. Resistance is just the way our minds adjust to change.

    P.S. I am in the process of writing you back right now. I’m a writer as well, so of course it will be long! 😉

    • I believe you are right about that Bethany!

      No worries about the email- my reply may be lengthy as well. I think we have already established that we like to write quite a bit – it’s only because we have so much to say! 🙂

  2. Carly says:

    I love that you are on a journey to minimalism. I spent a summer in Africa a couple years ago and it was amazing how much little we really needed. Now I am in the middle of a journey to become debt-free so I’ve returned to the whole idea that less really is more, or at least, enough. Congratulations!!

  3. tammyjreed says:

    going to try this! have never been able to comment before on this wonderful blog.
    my love/hate relationship with this computer and wordpress continues! LOL.
    if you are crazy then i am and always was crazy too.
    i have been a minimalist since i was a teenager. can you imagine a teenager with a minimalist room? a neat room? LOL. weird was a word i heard often. as in “you’re weird.”

    didn’t bother me. we simply hear the beat of a different drummer. and i think the world might be finally recognizing there are more of us now than few of us.
    people know they have too much. it’s just so daunting for them to try to get rid of it. sad really!
    because it saps their energy i think.
    sometime you might read some books on ‘space clearing.’ they’re fascinating! one is by a minimalist named denise linn. i think that’s her name. it’s much more than getting rid of things.
    it’s symbolic and lovely.
    well. too long here. and for my first comment too! good grief charlie brown. enough!!!!
    i’m apparently minimal in everything but my mouth. oh yes. and my waistline. LOLOL.

    • Yay Tammy! I am so excited to see a comment from you on my blog! Glad to see things seem to be working for you again on WordPress! Yes there are more of us out there – this blog has really been helping me to focus on my goals simply because it really does make a difference knowing there are other people with similar ideals going through similar things.

      I have just started re-reading Walden – after this one I will look for Denise Linn. Have you read any of the books by Francine Jay or Joshua Field Milborne? I have enjoyed their books as well.

      As far as that whole “beat of a different drummer” – where I’m concerned, the “beat goes on” and I know that I have my minimalist family here to provide advice and encouragement whenever needed. Thanks so much Tammy for your encouraging words. And I think it’s ok to not be minimal in your writing – as Bethany from Journey to Ithaca blog says – we writers tend to write a lot and that’s ok!

      So glad you could comment and hope to see more from you here! Thanks for visiting!

  4. needforless says:

    Almost EVERYONE thinks I’m crazy. 😉
    It still occasionally bothers me, but for the most part, I don’t mind it anymore–I like being different.
    I just have to “forgive them, for they know not what they do,” because if they could open themselves up to the possibilities of a lifestyle like this, they wouldn’t regret it.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Good to know I’m not the only one who’s “crazy”! 🙂

      I’m so thankful for my blog family. You guys help me to realize that I’m really not different – there are many of us out there. 🙂

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