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Conquer Clutter Infographic

on May 14, 2013

Conquer Clutter Infographic.


3 responses to “Conquer Clutter Infographic

  1. tammyjreed says:

    that was so cool! she put a lot of work into that. or… whomever did it anyway.
    as a matter of fact i did some de-cluttering myself today. and i’m pretty darned minimal already!
    but there comes a point that it is simply FUN!!! it’s that point you want to get to. where you look around and say… what is non essential to this life? what could somebody else be using right now that is simply in my way ~ or sitting here ~ or hiding in a closet or drawer.
    asked like that makes it pretty simple really!
    great post.

    • I love the way you put that question Tammy and I am going to start asking myself that question. I made a little bit of progress last weekend and hope to make more this weekend…it feels great each time I get things out! I truly do love this journey!

  2. […] Conquer Clutter Infographic. […]

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